Friday, October 05, 2007

Free Business Ideas -- Take One!

My friend that's a patent attorney would probably advise me not to give my ideas away for free, but I just can't help myself. I don't really want to be an entrepreneur, but if that's your dream and you're just looking for the right idea, read on. Use whatever sounds interesting or plausibe. Just let me know how it turns out. (And remember, you just may get what you pay for.)

Buns on the Run -- a bakery delivery service. I've noticed that local bakeries in my area deliver to restaurants and grocery stores, but why not deliver bakery goods right to the consumer? Kind of like the milk that gets delivered right to your door. In its simplest form, this business would be a bakery sales and delivery service. Product would be from exhisting local bakeries, and Buns on the Run would then set up delivery contracts with households. The pie in the sky version of this business plan is a free-standing bakery with a range of goods that can be franchised across the country -- all under the Buns on the Run trademark.

U-pick fruit farm marketing . . . Ever wanted to run a U-pick fruit farm? Need a marketing idea? Try this one: (radio spot) "You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose . . . And you can pick our fruit! (details follow). Our ads may be tasteless, but our fruit is delicious!"

Bike Helmet Skins. While I was out weeding this week I watched the local kids heading to school. One girl's helmet was tan on top and looked fuzzy. It wasn't actually fuzzy, but my mental wheels were already spinning. Why not have more fun with bike helmets? I've always dreamed of entering a demolition derby with a pink car, and I'd wear a helmet on which I'd glued long, curly blonde hair. But why not have wigs for bike helmets? (Talk about big hair.) Safety has been serious for too long! I'd like to see lycra helmet skins that look like Viking helmets. You know, with horns. And maybe all those sport-a-holics would buy lycra skins that make their kids' helmets look like their favorite football team's helmets. I'm also seeing great kid's movie spin offs . . . Pocohantas braids, Ratatouille baker hat bike helmets, Mickey mouse ears for helmets, bug antenae, a tri-corner Jack Sparrow pirate hat... You get the picture.

Fisher Price Play Prison. You might be arrested if you seriously suggested this as a children's product. But there were times when I could have used one. One day, years ago, when my son was in time out in his room, he stripped the bedding from his bed, pulled out all the drawers from his dresser and emptied them all onto the floor. It would have been nice to have some big plastic kid furniture item he couldn't escape from.

When you dream, dream big.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

In Oregon, you can get just about anything delivered to your door. There is a really cool one that lets you buy into a co-op, and a group of people (it is probably a commune) does all the work and then delivers in-season, local produce to your house year-round. I love your slogan though. There are also a bunch of different you-pick places here. We've done raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. I have heard a really great place that has apples for like fifty cents a half bushel or something. We may go up there next weekend.

Bike helmet skins . . . I can see "tweenies" really loving these. They always like that kind of stuff. How does SafetyMan feel about this? Does it take something away from the seriousness if it is funny. (Stop, drop and roll around laughing.)

I had a neighbor who had a big blow up toy thing that was like one of those jumper gyms, but for a baby. I put six month old Poopy Pirate in it for a whole day during our moving from Texas sale. It was WONDERFUL. I have to warn you though, I think kids would WANT to get time out to play in this puppy.

And I can't believe your sweet son did that to his room! It gives me hope . . .

LInda said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find your website. I thought is would be all business, but you're a treat for those of us who love humor. That's why I'm writing. Thanks for creating this website. I enjoyed your thoughts on starting a business of all kinds. That was my initial reason for coming on your website. I'm looking for ideas for my own business and being able to live in the country too.

Thanks Christie.