Wednesday, August 29, 2007

She's living my dream life . . .

A friend sent me an e-mail entitled, "Perspective: The invisible woman." It spoke directly to what I've been feeling lately. Wanting to know who wrote it, I googled the title. Turns out that it's an excerpt from the novel, "The Invisible Woman" by Nicole Johnson.

I checked out Nicole Johnson's website -- -- where I discovered that she's living my dream life. (She even had an article about how to deal with dreams that die.) Weird.

Just yesterday I jotted down what I'd like to have on my dream website:

Frugal not Frazzled -- a place to share money saving ideas, budgeting advice, and lots and lots of encouragement.

The Modern Prude's Book Reviews -- the thinking woman's guide to good, clean literature.

Family Friendly Fare -- recipes most kids will eat made from ingredients found in most family kitchens.

Before and After -- a place to post any before/after shots. i.e. the shower before you cleaned it and after, the child with gum in their hair before you removed it and after, your toddler before they cut their own hair . . . you get the idea.

Bed-head Hall of Fame -- from the fuzzy nest toddlers wake up with to the cockatoo 'do that my own short style imitates most mornings -- the good, the bad and the ugly hair families wake up with.

Annie Investigates -- a column written by my dog, Annie. Where she researches and answers the important questions of life such as, "In what country is it considered polite to burp after dinner?" "How do cyclists in the Tour de France relieve themselves?" "Why are sunsets more colorful than sunrises?" "Where do batteries go when they die?" (These questions can come from kids or adults. I'll never tell which is which.)

Brain Cramps -- a place to read about real women doing really dumb things. My own brain cramps include letting my 10-year-old daughter cut my hair, running the washing machine with soap and softener, but no clothes (repeated at least once every other month), grilling blackened chicken (will include photo) that is so black it's inedible. Oops!


Science Teacher Mommy said...

So prolific!

Loved your last two posts. No, it is not weird to crave recognition. I had a professor once say that teachers were merely thwarted actors; my sister says I only became a teacher so I could get paid to boss people around. Hm . . I think both things give great insight into MY character.

And about writing the column. I hear you. Nem's post yesterday was about the latest in a series of admittedly, rather stupid and insiped LDS-genre movies. She was quite scathing in her critique, as only Nemesis can be. I commented with the musing that maybe all the really great literature has been written and we are left with writers trying to dream up more and more outlandish plots all the time so that they can get "published." There is so much drama or hilarity in books and movies now that it is rare to find something with any soul. That is just my opinion. . .

Christie said...

I'm getting better at being able to really appreciate other people's talents without comparing them to my own. Sometimes I slip up, but more and more I'm coming to the realization that the Lord has other people writing most of the things I'm pining write. But there are some things that only I can write (i.e. my personal history, recording the funny things my kids say, possibly compiling family histories for my grandparents). I guess I just need a kick in the pants to get started.

writingmomma said...

Hey Christie, I don't know if you remember me, but I interviewed you for the Ogden Standard-Examiner. I have been following your blogs since then. I have now started my own blog at and I have added your blog to my list of faves. If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate it, if you would add my blog to yours.
Thank you