Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun Ways to Get Fit (for kids and families)

jump rope

have a hoola hoop contest

play hopscotch

have a relay race (we like the "old clothes" relay)

have a hippity hop race or obstacle course

run through the sprinklers

go for a family bike ride

put on fun music and dance like crazy!

go for a listening walk

jump on a trampoline

rollerblade at a park

play tag (freeze tag)

go for a hike as a family

play kickball

walk your dog (or your neighbor's)

play night games

have a water fight

play frisbee

go for a bug hunt

play with a balloon--don't let it touch the ground

go swimming

play catch

practice your favorite sport with a friend

play laser tag

make a village in a sandbox

Not so fun activities, but good for fitness
(to add an element of fun to the below activities, have participants wear comical hats or gender-bender accessories -- i.e. have Dad wear a woman's hat or a feather boa)

work in the garden


wipe mirrors or windows

sweep the garage

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