Saturday, June 03, 2006

Why Colleen Wants to Get Her Roosters Drunk

This morning marked the first outing of W.H.O.A. -- Woman Having Outdoor Adventures. We hiked the Limber Pine Trail which is just over the summit of Logan Canyon.

Along the trail Colleen and I started exchanging chicken stories. She mentioned that they have four hens and four roosters, but that she was ready to get rid of three of the roosters. But in order to do that, she wanted to get them drunk first.

"Drunk?" I asked.

"Drunk!" she said.

Apparently Colleen has been reading about yard care at, and he advocated using beer on your lawn. And dishsoap. The dishsoap I could understand, but beer? On the lawn of a devout LDS family? I just couldn’t picture it.

Colleen helped me out. She continued to explain that she already had the beer at home.

Still a little flabbergasted, I asked, "And where do you keep the beer?"

"Oh, we have some in the garage, and some in a cupboard," she said. "But the really interesting part was shopping for it at the store. I took Preston, my fifteen-year-old son. Once we had the beer in our shopping cart every time we’d pass someone he’d say extra loudly, ‘Now what are we going to use the beer for again?’"

We had to stop hiking, we were all laughing so hard.

"And why was it you’re planning to get the roosters drunk before doing them in?" I wanted to know.

"I want tender chicken, so I figured if I got the roosters drunk first they’d be nice and relaxed. Maybe it will help the meat to be more tender."

Well, I never!

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