Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall At It's Finest

I'm loving the nip in the air, the frost on the lawn each morning, and the warm changing colors of the leaves.

This spring we planted two hills of a gourd-mix. Yowza! We've had gourds coming out our ears! I picked two full apple boxes for us to use, gave some to my mother-in-law, and Hubby posted a you-pick post on his works intranet and a couple people have picked what they wanted. Many will simply stay on the vine and end up in the green waste bin.

Our pumpkins were also robust. We have a dozen on the front porch along with cornstalks tied to the porch pillars. I must say that I love decorations that are practically free and that can decompost back into Mother Earth without needing to be stored for another year. Yeah, that's my kind of decorating!

(Sorry, not photo. I'm writing this well past dark.)

Another great thing about fall is getting to listen to LDS General Conference. I love to be doing some sort of work while listening to the Saturday sessions. This time around Hubby, kids and I stacked wood on the back porch with General Conference blaring on the radio outside. Hubby and I continued to move our "junk pile" in preparation for the footings/foundation/floor of our future shop. For some reason my brain absorbs more of the messages if my hands are busy with a menial task. Go figure.

Hope you're having a great fall too!